Heart & Hands Award

During Utah Philanthropy Day, we are honored to provide organizations the opportunity to highlight and honor one or more volunteers to receive a Heart & Hands Award. This award acknowledges those people who make significant contributions to your organization's mission through their volunteer or philanthropic service.

Each year, the Heart & Hands awards gives nonprofit organizations the opportunity to acknowledge their volunteers’ hard work and devotion. This year – from COVID-19 to the fight for social justice – we have seen Utahns step up, and step in, in truly remarkable ways. To acknowledge the incredible service and sacrifice of so many this year, we have created a new awards category – our 2020 Heroes Award. Like Heart & Hands, this award will acknowledge the incredible work of volunteers, but will also be extended to honor frontline workers, essential employees, and others who have given so much this year.

Heart & Hands Awards will be back in 2021. But this year, consider acknowledging your organization’s volunteer(s) with a 2020 Heroes Award. Learn more about 2020 Heroes.